Richmond Education
and Enterprise Campus

Latest news:  Department for Education gives green-light to new secondary school in Twickenham

Richmond upon Thames College, Richmond Council, Haymarket Media Group and Harlequins are working together to create an Education and Enterprise Campus on the College site on Egerton Road in Twickenham. The site would include new College buildings, a new secondary school, purpose-built accommodation for Clarendon Special Needs School and Haymarket’s new tech hub and digital media incubator on a single Campus that caters for a wide range of student ages and needs.

It is hoped that the Campus would not only benefit the education of local young people but would benefit the wider community beyond.

Over the next six months, work will be undertaken on the design and layout of the Campus, in anticipation of a planning application being submitted in the Winter (2014). A four-week consultation regarding the initial top level proposals for the Campus is now over. The results are available here. A further consultation will be held later in the autumn, where more detailed plans will be presented.

Find out more about the project here