What Will the Partners Bring to the Project

Richmond upon Thames College:

  • Provide a wide range of academic and technical pathways not usually accessible to schools or Sixth Forms
  • Provide access to higher learning skills coupled with employability and enterprise development
  • Access to a large professional teaching and support staff team
  • Expertise and culture of working with state of the art, specialist facilities created to reflect real working commercial and industrial environments

Alongside learners and businesses, the wider community will also benefit from this development and will be able to take advantage of many of the new facilities which will include:

  • Spa and wellness centre
  • State of the art gym
  • Theatre with seating for 250 people
  • Art gallery, providing an opportunity for local artists and photographers to exhibit their work
  • Silver service training restaurant including a bookable Chef’s table and unparalleled vistas
  • Business start-up lounge
  • Renewables centre
  • Automotive testing facility
  • Two all-weather playing fields with multi-use games area

Harlequins Rugby Club:

  • Will work with the College and schools to create a best in class sporting programme for all age groups and levels across a range of sports to encourage activity and healthy living
  • Access to experts from their industries including health and nutrition, strength and conditioning, leadership and management
  • Access to Harlequins’ facilities – for example restaurant-standard kitchens and first-class sporting facilities
  • Curriculum support
  • Work experience and employment opportunities.  For example, on match days, employment opportunities would include stewarding and kitchen and serving opportunities
  • Workshops where students are able to work with mentors on leadership, management, catering and several areas of professional sport
  • Invitations for student groups to work on projects which Harlequins are undertaking. For example, being part of tendering processes or designing marketing collateral for supporters and the general public
  • Visiting guest speakers

Haymarket Media Group:

  • Access to Haymarket’s new, state of the art “tech hub” which will comprise state of the art photographic studios, digital labs, photographic archive and a gallery where creative, digital and photographic teams can showcase their best work
  • Curriculum support to ensure vocational courses equip students with the skills they need to succeed in the industry
  • A series of skills-based workshops from leading experts in creative arts, media and digital technology
  • Careers presentations and employability talks
  • A select number of work experience placements for Year 11 students through the Haymarket Skills Academy
  • A select number of apprenticeships for College leavers through the Haymarket Skills Academy
  • A media incubator – Haymarket will provide work space in the “tech hub”, access to facilities, financial and other support including access to Haymarket’s staff to fledgling media businesses. In addition, the media start ups will be able to work with College students, which may be beneficial to the development of their business plans

Clarendon School:

  • Specialist trained staff in a range of special educational needs (including autism, global and specific learning difficulties, social, emotional and mental health difficulties and physical disabilities) which will provide help, support and advice and facilitate shared training as appropriate to the benefit of the pupils in the mainstream secondary school with a variety of special needs
  • Opportunities for inclusion for pupils in both schools. These will include: part-time placements, access to specialist academic and vocational courses, extra curricular activities and planned social interactions for pupils in both settings
  • Opportunities to access a range of specialist therapeutic and academic interventions
  • Opportunities for the secondary school’s pupils with complex needs to access specialist teaching facilities




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