What are the timescales for the development?

The final, detailed design for the whole development is still being developed and therefore the timings may change. However, below is a high level expected schedule. This will be updated throughout the process.

Summer 2015:
An Outline Planning Application was submitted for the entire development in the summer 2015 seeking approval in early 2016.
Spring 2016:
Enabling demolition works that were granted permission in December 2015. The Outline Planning Application for the entire site received local consent on 7 March 2016 (subject to GLA referral). A decision on the Reserved Matters for the joint schools building is targeted for the end of May 2016.
Summer 2016;
Construction on the education development due to commence. College Reserved Matters submission also expected to receive approval.
Autumn 2017:
Construction due to complete on The Richmond upon Thames School (RTS) building and the Clarendon School building, mid to late 2017. The new secondary school, The Richmond upon Thames School (RTS) will open in September 2017.



Phase One of the College redevelopment is expected to complete in the spring of 2018. Construction of the College STEM centre and the sports buildings will commence following the opening of and decant into the Phase One College building. Construction of the first section of the residential development may also commence at this time. The development of the Haymarket “tech hub” and second section of the residential development will follow this.






Find out more about current opportunities to be involved

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