Community benefits

The co-location and sharing of estate / facilities, alongside curriculum alignment and enterprise and employment opportunities will create a unique community offer in the heart of Twickenham.

The ambition is to create a local college for a global city providing access to learning and skills which will lead to sustainable employment opportunities across a number of growth sectors. This will include a community learning offer for adults through full and part time courses.

In addition the College’s real working environments will be open to the local community including

  • Spa and wellness centre
  • State of the art gym
  • Theatre with seating for 250 people
  • Art gallery, providing an opportunity for local artists and photographers to exhibit their work
  • Silver service training restaurant with a chef’s table and unparalleled vistas
  • Business start-up lounge
  • Renewables centre
  • Automotive testing facility
  • Two all-weather playing fields with multi-use games area

The College will specialise in low carbon construction and renewable technologies, and its automotive programmes will provide services and workshops to the public.

A recruitment and employment service will provide a job search and transition service for those seeking new career opportunities.

A small conferencing facility will provide a public lecture series on key local and pan-London issues working in partnership with sector skills agencies, third sector and business forums.

The College and school’s sporting facilities will also  be open for community use. Currently 25 local clubs and groups use the College’s facilities every month for example toddler’s soccer coaching, yoga classes and rugby coaching. Access to the proposed new facilities on the Craneford Way East playing fields, will enhance this local offer.

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