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A Z Sports American Football Athletics Boxing Cricket Cycling Disability Sport Equestrian Football Formula 1 Gaelic Games Golf Horse Racing Motorsport Olympic Sports Rugby League Rugby Union Snooker Swimming Tennis Winter Sports Full Sports A Z Events Euro 2016 Rio 2016 World Sport European Football Champions League African Football Around the UK England Scotland Wales Northern Ireland Football Live Scores Results Fixtures Tables Gossip Transfers All Teams Leagues Cups European Women African Live Scores Results Fixtures Tables Gossip Transfers All Teams Leagues Cups European Women African Football Home Critics of the price hikes said clubs had lost touch with fans and argued that the recent 3.1bn windfall from television rights should have resulted in a drop in ticket prices for supporters. But some clubs, particularly those in the Premier League, point to packed out stadiums as proof they have got pricing right. The Price of Football is in its fourth year and is the largest study of its