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The Richmond upon Thames School Journey


In June 2014, the Department for Education gave conditional approval for the Richmond upon Thames College Free School Trust to establish a new school for 11 to 16 year-olds on the existing College site, opening in September 2017. The School will be co-educational, nonselective and non-faith based and admit five forms of entry (150 children) per year. The new school will link directly to the College to provide sixth form opportunities for the school’s students and the curriculum offer in the two institutions will be closely aligned. This will allow for the close planning of transition from school to college and for joint curriculum development and associated training.


A  Headteacher has been appointed to lead The Richmond upon Thames School.  Following a recruitment process involving the Trustees of the school and a team of local parents, Kelly Dooley has been appointed as Headteacher. She will take up her post formally from September 2016.


The school will use the over-subscription criteria used for admission to Richmond upon Thames’ current non-faith secondary schools. Where there are more applications for admission than places available, the criteria used to allocate places are: current and previously looked-after children; siblings; exceptional family, social or medical need; proximity of the child’s home to the school. This admissions policy will ensure that this school will primarily serve its immediate community in Twickenham.

Curriculum and Vision

Enterprise will play a key part in the school’s curriculum. Students will benefit from a programme of visiting lecturers, seminars and workshops organised and delivered by members of the Free School Trust, their clients and partners. Harlequins and the Haymarket Skills Academy will also contribute to careers evenings, events and work experience placements.

The use of digital technologies will be commonplace and young people will be equipped with the skills to operate confidently and efficiently in a connected world. Haymarket will help develop the curriculum in these areas and through the Haymarket Skills Academy will provide access to the on-site, tech hub’s state of the art facilities.

The school’s links with Harlequins and the College will also provide pupils with access to a very wide range of exercise, fitness and sporting activities, events and facilities. A significant amount of curriculum time will be devoted to physical activity which will be tailored to be accessible to all learners. There will be opportunities for study in health and fitness both within the school and through working with partners.

The school’s links with Clarendon School will provide both staff and pupils with access to specialist trained staff in a range of special educational needs (including autism, global and specific learning difficulties, social, emotional and mental health difficulties and physical disabilities). The co-location of the two schools will also offer pupils the opportunity to access a range of specialist therapeutic and academic interventions, and specialist teaching facilities.

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